Johnson & Freedman, LLC is a member of the Fannie Mae Retained Attorney Network* and a full service law firm primarily serving the financial services industry. We represent this industry in mortgage foreclosure, bankruptcy, litigation, closings, eviction, replevin, commercial litigation, collections and general real estate issues. The firm provides legal services throughout Alabama*, Florida, Georgia*, Mississippi, North Carolina*, South Carolina*, Tennessee* and Virginia. Learn more
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Bankruptcy Services

Our Bankruptcy Department represents national mortgage lenders and other creditors in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Our staff knows and responds to the needs of our clients in the bankruptcy setting. The number of long-term clients reflects the firm's commitment to anticipating and serving our clients needs.  Learn more

Eviction Services

Throughout our ten eviction states, our Eviction Department successfully handles over 10,000 evictions per year. Cooperation with and electronic connection to our Foreclosure Department streamlines the flow of activities.  Learn more

Foreclosure Services

Our team manages the entire process from breach letter to title policy. Though the requirements and timeframes differ in each state, we meet state standards and investor guidelines, ensuring the timely completion of the foreclosure process.  Learn more

Litigation Services

Our Litigation Department represents financial institutions in lawsuits regarding property, contract, and mortgage issues, title defects, and the defense of contested foreclosures, collection cases and general real estate related litigation. Extensive on-line research programs support the department and aid in the effective preparation of cases.  Learn more

Closing Services

Our firm handles all types of real estate closings, including residential purchases, refinances, and foreclosure resales (aka, REO). Johnson & Freedman. LLC has a network of closing offices located in Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Fort Mill (South Carolina) and Memphis.  Learn more

Collection Services

Johnson and Freedman, LLC, Collections Department continues to grow with the firm. The department has perfected its own collection management system which allows us to aggressively serve the client's needs and which allows the client to gain access to the system through the internet, providing the client with updates from their own computer.  Learn more
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